Kane & Alessia Minkus

After delivering over 2000 business growth trainings in 16 different countries, Kane & Alessia’s methods, systems and proprietary techniques have served over 400,000 Business Owners and Professionals offline & over 3 Million online.

Best practices in accelerated business growth, combined that with over 2 decades of Advanced Human Potential immersion studies (stretching from San Francisco to India, the Middle East to Europe) creates a unique and powerful set of tools and presentations that shift your potential past what you know as possible today. Across the planet, participants comment on the unusually poignant systems that these two power house coaches have developed for Business Owners.

Kane & Alessia engaged clients typically grow their business by 1.5-3 X in the first 12 months and 4-10X in the following 24 months. Kane & Alessia have started, owned and operated over 40 companies turning over more than $220M USD in collective revenue. They have won over 30 international awards and been featured in over 330 leading Media publications for their excellence in business.

An international community of clients support each other and have unprecedented to global access of resources, talent and growth techniques.