Andrew Matthews

Andrew Matthews is a bestselling author and international motivational speaker. Andrew’s self-help books, including “Being Happy!”, “Follow Your Heart” and “How Life Works” are published in 48 languages.

Motivational and Guest Speaker
Andrew presents to conferences and conventions around the world. Andrew frequently tours Australia stopping at major cities like Melbourne, Brisbane and Sydney to speak to banks, insurance companies, finance companies, in hospitals, to governments, in universities and schools. He regularly presents in prisons.
He shares simple tips that anyone can use to be happier and do better.
Since 2020, most of Andrew’s speeches are virtual/ on Zoom.
Popular topics in Andrew’s presentations include self-confidence, relationships, crushing negative thoughts, finding peace of mind, bouncing back from COVID, prosperity, dealing with difficult people, enjoying work and of course, happiness.

Used by Sporting Champions, Educators and Health Professionals
Andrew first gained international recognition when world #1 golfer Nick Faldo won the British Open at Muirfield. Following a nail-biting finish, Faldo told the world’s press that Andrew’s book “Being Happy!” helped inspire him to victory. More sporting champions began to read and recommend Andrew’s books.
“Being Happy!”, “Follow Your Heart” and “Being a Happy Teen” are used and recommended by psychiatrists and psychologists to their patients the world over.
Matthews’ books are used as textbooks in schools and universities in the USA, Singapore, Hong Kong, Kazakhstan, in the Philippines and even in Iran.

Andrew the Cartoonist Andrew’s books all feature his own cartoons.
He is perhaps the only inspirational speaker in the world who draws cartoons as he speaks. Says Andrew, “Pictures help us to remember a message.”
The cartoons help to explain why Andrew’s books have sold over 8 million copies in 70 countries.