Ben Ouattara

Ben Ouattara: Motivational Speaker
Multi-talented motivational coach and fitness enthusiast, Ben Ouattara might be said to have lived a thousand lives in his short 35 years on the planet.
From filmmaker to entrepreneur, rapper to motivational speaker, the man with many hats curates his day-to-day experiences in the form of creating courses, books, videos, podcasts, music, and poetry and is a sponsored influencer and fitness model for Brands like Samsung Nike and Under Armour.
His Poem IAMPOSSIBLE is a summary of his movement to inspire people from all walks of life to believe in their dreams but most of all to believe in themselves and take action in spite of fear and resistance.
His focus is mental and emotional fitness, as well as physical fitness to help you connect mind, body, and soul and transform yourself so that you can transform your life because everything starts within you!
Ben sees himself as a student of life for life, He teaches but never stops to learn and to grow and shares his own mistakes, leanings and challenges on what he calls the documentary of his life that he shares on his blog and social media channels.
Categories: Health, Lifestyle, Motivation