Dr. Hanan Selim

Hanan Selim, PharmD is recognized as the "Pharmacist of the future" as she has found the revolutionary system called the RPH Method that transforms your health from Endometriosis and pain to healing and thriving not just surviving. Her system has been tested and measured on the best working ground called her own life.

She is an award-winning speaker and author on the most Innovative self-healing healthcare system.” She is a lifestyle medicine specialist/expert on Endometriosis and pain. She helps get to the root cause behind the disease, unlike mainstream medicine that only masks the symptoms allowing the endo to take over your life and create havoc in your relationships, marriage, career, and finances.

Not allowing you to focus on the important things in Ife like your passion and living your wildest dreams. She is the author of Second chances that explains the easy steps of her scientific, cutting edge, and art of self-healing system called the RPH Method.