Greg Secker

Greg Secker is an English trader and entrepreneur best known motivational speaking, forex trading and his Knowledge to Action trading and training company, was one of the fastest growing companies in 2009 within Britain.

In the mid-1990s, Secker worked as an Information Technology consultant for a number of foreign exchange trading companies, first working at Thomas Cook financial services division and then for Mellon Financial. He left Mellon in 2003 after creating algorithms in software engineering for trading companies, and realising this was invaluable. He then founded his own trading forex firm, Knowledge to Action, one of Europe"s largest trader coaching companies.

In late 2011, Greg Secker was a key speaker at Jamie McIntyre"s controversial 21st Century Education forum in the Melbourne HiSense Arena, Australia.

In early 2015, Greg Secker was charged with drunk and dangerous driving after being caught by police in the process of performing a sex act at the wheel of his car. Charity Foundation – to raise money for this charity foundation to support the Ubuntu Education Fund in South Africa, Secker flew a helicopter over london trading the forex markets a total of 9 times throughout the year and raised money by donating profits and encouraging the sponsor brokers to give up both sides of the trading commissions to the foundation.

Funds raised also subsidise ticket prices for Secker"s annual Youth Leadership Summit, which focuses on improving the financial skills of 200 children every year. The week-long residential programme requires that summit participants pay a £50 application fee.

Knowledge to Action has been the subject of some controversy over investigations into its operating procedures and claims made within its marketing materials.

One of the alumni of Greg Secker"s Traders University was recently arrested and charged with financial fraud after investing friends" savings in her foreign exchange market trading. Knowledge to Action has also been listed on the Instituto Superior de Psicologia Aplicada Hall of Shame in South Africa due to unsolicited email marketing practices.