Paul O’Mahony

Paul O’Mahony is an entrepreneur, four times best-selling author and a Guinness World Record-holding public speaker pecializing in wealth management, mindset and digital marketing.

Over the last 10 years Paul had generated over $10million in sales from his Rethink product range and spoken to hundreds of thousands of people from stages all over the world as well as online webinars and events.

From stage, Paul shares how the clients’ mindset works and how understanding this is critical to any marketing being performed by your business. Paul teaches cutting edge techniques in mastering Social Media to optimize how you or your business can make the absolute most out of the Social Media phenomenon.

Paul talks about cutting-edge training techniques on a variety of Internet business topics, developed from his hugely successful social media & digital marketing workshops. Topics range from How to Start a Business Online to Making Money From Facebook, Twitter & YouTube.