Rania Younes

Rania Younes, Radio and Tv producer and anchor.

She has a BA in Advertising and Marketing with a degree of high distinction- NDU Lebanon.

She has started her profession in the media field since 8 years.

She has presented till now all kinds of radio programs, morning shows, special interviews with artists,politicians,doctors,and all other fields... live show, games, live competition.. and she used to produce and prepare all her programs.

Rania records voice over for TV and Radio spots, documentaries, movies.

As for TV, Rania presents and produces a fashion program covering all kinds of fashion.

On stage, Rania has a wide experience. She presented many events and festivals in Lebanon, Syria, Kuwait, UAE... In addition, she shared her experience with the new generation and she taught in a special academy for media many courses concerning radio, Tv, Public Relations, and Advertising.

In print media, Rania had the experience in a luxurious fashion magazine where she was responsible of the fashion sector. Talking about hobbies, Rania likes traveling, reading, movies, music, research, and fashion... Adding to this, She got a trophy for the best live coverage from the lebanese university/radio-tv faculty and she shared her experience through different conferences in universities with radio-tv students.

Rania moved now to Abu Dhabi and joined Star Fm - Abu Dhabi media company to produce and prepare the morning show "Sabaho" on Star FM.