Sandy Grigsby

Sandy Grigsby - Public Speaker, Personal Branding Image Specialist

A pioneer in the field of self-image and personal mastery, Sandy Grigsby has worked with Fortune 1000 Executives to take their success to greater heights. Sandy has over 20 years of experience in web design, personal branding photography, and commercial modeling – having worked with companies such as Apple, T-Mobile, and Sony.

Her extensive experience in front of and behind the camera, combined with her web design background have allowed her to deeply understand the connection between personas and success. She has discovered that by taking control of one's self-image, there is no limit to the level of opportunities available.

Sandy is a TEDx speaker, Confidence Catalyst®, Self-Image Expert, and the Founder of Briofive, a personal branding studio focused on self-image and online presence. Sandy is the "go-to" personal brand image consultant for celebrities, politicians, CEOs, world-renowned speakers, and best-selling authors. She has x-ray vision to see who you really are, so you can show your inner rockstar, land more deals, and achieve more in all areas of your life!